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ND2Dx update: faster, more flexible, new rendering techniques, 3D transformations and new dynamic shader system

After all these months without any update for ND2Dx, I decided to take some time and try to package all the modifications I have been doing on it when working on different projects over the past few months. It is not an easy task as lots of things have changed and not everything has been […]

Benchmarks: SetTimeOut vs. Timer vs. CustomTimer

For the purpose of a Final State Machine that I’m developing for ND2Dx, I wanted to know which one of those approaches is the fastest and most reliable. Testing timers is not an easy task as you can’t really stress test them the same way you could test function calls. So here is my approach: […]

Filters Manager in AS3 (BitmapEffects Manager) or how to add, remove and modify a filter from a DisplayObject

First of all, to understand the need of a centralized manager for filters in flash, we need to understand how filters are set on a DisplayObject. To set a filter, we first need to create a BitmapFilter object : [sourcecode language=’as3′] // create a new blur filter var blur:BlurFilter = new BlurFilter(4.0, 4.0, 1); [/sourcecode] […]

Nice AS3 Performance tester (loops, arrays, division, instantiations, constants, …)

When you look for something, there are always more chances that you don’t find it when you need it. It’s only weeks later, when looking for something else that you step on it. (some unwritten laws that I know most of you have encountered many times) Anyway, here is a great open-source performance tester written […]

Calculate the surface/area of an irregular polygon

There are many ways to calculate the surface of a polygon. It all depends on what kind of data you have to deal with. If you have only vertices (points) or if you have the segments associated to them as well. The most evident solution would be to divide the polygon in triangles and calculate […]

Rotate a MovieClip/DisplayObject around a point

This is something I have been looking for for a couple of hours. When I finally found out how to do it the way I needed to do it, I stepped on a blog explaining that a function actually exists for that specific need (see This function is part of the fl package (comes […]

Matrix Fall 3D : a Matrix Screensaver in 3D

Matrix Screensaver in 3D using the authentic fonts and original effects from The Matrix movie. Add and show custom texts in the Matrix Style. It uses the Direct3D APIs and Visual Basic 6. Many effects. Fully configurable. Source code included. This code received the ‘Superior Code’ award from Planet-Source-Code and many great feedbacks from programming […]

Effet d’effritement 3D en OpenGL

Test en OpenGl d’un effet que je tentais de mettre au point pour la nouvelle version du Matrix Fall, mais qui pour finir n’aura jamais été utilisé. L’effet est obtenu en décomposant une image de base en une série de carrés dont la taille est paramétrable. Dans ce cas-ci, les carrés ont une taille de […]

Matrix Fall X (démo et port du Matrix Fall 3D en c++)

Cette démo est en quelque sorte l’objectif que je m’étais fixé pour me lancer dans le c++. Pas mal de petites nouveautés et notamment l’utilisation de l’OpenGl, contrairement à DirectX utilisé pour Matrix Fall 3D. C++ oblige, comparé au vb, la puissance est multipliée par 10x, ce qui m’a donné l’occasion d’y ajouter un petit […]

Matrix Fall 2, écran de veille Matrix pour Windows

Deuxième version du Matrix Fall largement améliorée et disponible en écran de veille pour Windows. Ecran d’ouverture avec effet de titre configurable: Effet de pluie digitale: Télécharger : Matrix Fall 2, a matrix screensaver in 2D Et si vous appréciez ce programme, n’hésitez pas à faire un don (via Paypal) .