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Nice AS3 Performance tester (loops, arrays, division, instantiations, constants, …)

When you look for something, there are always more chances that you don’t find it when you need it. It’s only weeks later, when looking for something else that you step on it. (some unwritten laws that I know most of you have encountered many times) Anyway, here is a great open-source performance tester written […]

Calculate the surface/area of an irregular polygon

There are many ways to calculate the surface of a polygon. It all depends on what kind of data you have to deal with. If you have only vertices (points) or if you have the segments associated to them as well. The most evident solution would be to divide the polygon in triangles and calculate […]

Rotate a MovieClip/DisplayObject around a point

This is something I have been looking for for a couple of hours. When I finally found out how to do it the way I needed to do it, I stepped on a blog explaining that a function actually exists for that specific need (see This function is part of the fl package (comes […]

Matrix Fall 3D : a Matrix Screensaver in 3D

Matrix Screensaver in 3D using the authentic fonts and original effects from The Matrix movie. Add and show custom texts in the Matrix Style. It uses the Direct3D APIs and Visual Basic 6. Many effects. Fully configurable. Source code included. This code received the ‘Superior Code’ award from Planet-Source-Code and many great feedbacks from programming […]

TexturEd – a material editor for Half-life 2 and its mods (Source Engine games)

TexturEd is a GUI for the vTex utility used in the 3D Source Engine from Valve. This tool was specifically made for games such as Half-life 2 and its mods and Counter-Strike Source. TexturEd simplifies the creation of textures’s materials. Everything is managed (compilation options, materials, customs variables, shaders and their fallbacks, proxies). All shaders, […]

Matrix Fall X (source code in c++)

This code emulates the falling code effect (digital rain effect) from the Matrix movie. It uses the authentic fonts and a new particle engine for better visual effects. Coded in c++ with the OpenGL API. Source code included. This code received the ‘Superior Code’ award for Planet-Source-Code and many great feedbacks from programming websites. Source […]

Visual Basic Class : POP3 without OCX (pure API)

This Visual Basic Class uses the POP3 protocol to retrieve and delete emails from a mailbox. It uses the the CSocket Class for socket programming. Source code for POP3 without OCX (pure API) (A french version  of this post can be found on this blog)

Chess on internet (Visual Basic + Flash)

Chess game written in Flash (for the interface) and Visual Basic (for the network layer). It connects on a chess server (like chessanytime) and allows you to play against another player. UI is really simple but you can play and chat with your opponent. The interesting part of this code is in the parsing of […]

Matrix Fall

Démo “Matrix” codée en Visual Basic 6 et DirectX représentant la chutte des caractères (pluie digitale) du film Matrix. Telecharger: Matrix Fall 1.