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ND2Dx benchmarks

Hi, I promised a few benchmarks of ND2Dx and here they are. The flash movie and the complete source code can be found at the end of this article. There are 4 benchmarks, comparing ND2Dx and Starling. Basically, I keep adding sprites, bitmaps or movieclips while the frame rate is equal or above 60 frames […]

Filters Manager in AS3 (BitmapEffects Manager) or how to add, remove and modify a filter from a DisplayObject

First of all, to understand the need of a centralized manager for filters in flash, we need to understand how filters are set on a DisplayObject. To set a filter, we first need to create a BitmapFilter object : [sourcecode language=’as3′] // create a new blur filter var blur:BlurFilter = new BlurFilter(4.0, 4.0, 1); [/sourcecode] […]

Love Condom, new website for condoms in Belgium !

Yeah, that’s right, Love Condom is a brand selling condoms in Belgium and God knows how much it is needed here with all those tourists coming to visit cathedrals, old towns, markets, women and … drink beers ! I let you see the home page right here. I already got some impressions from people here […]

Rotate a MovieClip/DisplayObject around a point

This is something I have been looking for for a couple of hours. When I finally found out how to do it the way I needed to do it, I stepped on a blog explaining that a function actually exists for that specific need (see This function is part of the fl package (comes […]

Strange behavior with masks in Flash CS3 (and 10)

Here is the case: I have one MovieClip called “container” that holds several other MovieClips. Each one of these MovieClips have a dropshadow filter applied to them. The “container” mc is masked by a shape on the timeline and one can scroll up and down this mc via a scrollbar. Well, now it seems that […]

getChildAt function returns null

I just came across a problem when using the getChildAt function. It returns null even though there are children (numChildren property is greater than zero). The thing is that it happens only after I move to another frame of a MovieClip object. And only for “dynamic” objects like the TextField (StaticText works just fine). (by […]