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Love Condom, new website for condoms in Belgium !

Yeah, that’s right, Love Condom is a brand selling condoms in Belgium and God knows how much it is needed here with all those tourists coming to visit cathedrals, old towns, markets, women and … drink beers ! I let you see the home page right here. I already got some impressions from people here […]

Set unicode range in embedded font using flex sdk – as3

I just noticed that setting the unicode range of an embedded font with the “systemFont” parameter doesn’t seem to work. The only way to embed a font properly while specifying a character range is to use the “source” parameter and point to the file you want to embed. To point to your desired font, you […]

Embed a font in as3 with the flex SDK

Just don’t forget to set the “embedFonts” property of your TextField at “true” in order to show the text: [sourcecode language=’as3′] import flash.text.TextField; import flash.text.TextFormat; [Embed(source=”your_font_file_name”, fontName=”font_name_temp”, mimeType=”application/x-font”)] public static const FONT_NAME_TEMP_FONT:Class; // create a new TextField var tf_tmp:TextField = new TextField(); // don’t forget this one tf_tmp.embedFonts = true; // and finally, just use […]