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World Game Maker: Cubic Bezier Curve editor & rendering + Dynamic Compiling + Private Beta Test


this preview shows you the Cubic Bezier Curve editor and renderer as well as the Dynamic Compile feature that allows you to test your project right into the editor.

I’ll soon start a private beta test, if you’re interested, leave a comment (make sure you leave your email too, it won’t show up) or send me a message either via this form or via email: norabbit [at]

Hope you like it.

How to draw a curve along a curve

So we have a quadratic curve. With a source, a destination and a control point. The control point determines the curvature of the curve. Now, how to draw a curve starting at the destination point and growing along the main curve ? In a few words and for the sole purpose of putting some text […]

How to calculate the length of a quadratic curve in Flash & as3

First, this is a way to “estimate” the length of a curve. It will not give you the exact value but rather a estimation based on its precision (that can be changed) For this, I’ll use the class library programmed by Jim Armstrong from Singularity and particularly the “” class as it allows us to […]