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The Prototype Experience : the new Facebook Connect Interactive Experience for the new game by Activision: Prototype

Here it is, the new and unique Prototype Experience using Facebook Connect for the new blockbuster game by Activision: Prototype. I don’t think it has been done before and so I invite you to go and visit the site before you read this post as I will explain a bit more about the development process […]

Filters Manager in AS3 (BitmapEffects Manager) or how to add, remove and modify a filter from a DisplayObject

First of all, to understand the need of a centralized manager for filters in flash, we need to understand how filters are set on a DisplayObject. To set a filter, we first need to create a BitmapFilter object : [sourcecode language=’as3′] // create a new blur filter var blur:BlurFilter = new BlurFilter(4.0, 4.0, 1); [/sourcecode] […]

Events centralization – Centralized Event Management

What for ? Events centralization allows to listen for events of an object that we don’t have direct access to. Example We have a button in a MovieClip that is not directly connected to your main MovieClip or class where you want to keep all the events logic. There are many ways to get the […]

The importance of the clone() function/method when creating a custom Event class

I know, this is not a big thing but it can save a lot of “after-work” when you just know that it can be really useful and save you a lot of time. I say “after-work” because I understood its importance after I thought I had finished a Loaders management class. I had to rewrite […]

Events manager AS3 classes

Basic Events manager classes. Remove all events, group events, suspend and resume events… Features Keep track of all events added and removed with this manager. Add listener. Remove listener. Add a listener to one or more groups. Suspsend a listener and/or a group of listeners without removing them. Resume a listener and/or a group of […]

Stage accessibility, avoid errors when trying to access it

Be aware of the stage property of a DisplayObject instance (any class that can be added to a Display List in order to be shown on screen). It is only accessible when the instance is added to the Display list. I went into some troubles when trying to add an event listener on the stage […]