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ND2Dx update: faster, more flexible, new rendering techniques, 3D transformations and new dynamic shader system

After all these months without any update for ND2Dx, I decided to take some time and try to package all the modifications I have been doing on it when working on different projects over the past few months. It is not an easy task as lots of things have changed and not everything has been […]

ND2Dx: 3D transformations preview

Another preview before I release the new source code on GitHub: 3D transformation are coming back to ND2Dx ! No need to use any kind of new component or whatsoever. It’s directly integrated into Node2D and the new batching system I’m implementing at the moment. You’ll be able to use nodes with 2d and 3d […]

Samsung TV 3D: a new era in television and games

And the very last project I worked on is a promotional website for Samsung: Samsung is now promoting their new 3D Televisions and it was a great occasion to organise an event with plenty of things to win (like this Home Cinema full featured worth +- 6300 €) and a website with plenty of […]

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