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Create Bitmap Fonts online easily with Littera

If you’re looking for a free and online tool that lets you create bitmap fonts out of an OTF file, look no more, here is Littera: Functionalities: select a font from you computer change its size and letter spacing specify color (solid or gradient) add stroke (solid or gradient) add filters (glow, bevel, drop […]

Twitter for AS3

Looking for an ActionScript3 library that handles the Twitter API ? look no further, here is your savior : There is, to my knowledge, no way of getting around the “pin” method of twitter unless you’re using StageWebView on mobile or HTMLLoader on desktop AIR apps. The authentification went well at first try and getting […] : Games with Articles and Metascores

After months of preparations and delays, I finally launched a website I wanted to make for a long long time now. is basically a portal for Flash Games with a couple of nice features I’m still working on at the moment. The basic idea behind this portal is to merge data from several portals […]

Thierry Torres Cuba

Let me introduce a friend of mine, Thierry Torres Cuba. He is a professional and skilled Tree Care, has really good understanding of trees and gardening in general. If you’re looking for a professional in this area, don’t look further :). The services he can provide you with: tree pruning tree cutting and removal garden maintenance consulting […]

Nice AS3 Performance tester (loops, arrays, division, instantiations, constants, …)

When you look for something, there are always more chances that you don’t find it when you need it. It’s only weeks later, when looking for something else that you step on it. (some unwritten laws that I know most of you have encountered many times) Anyway, here is a great open-source performance tester written […]

Calculate the surface/area of an irregular polygon

There are many ways to calculate the surface of a polygon. It all depends on what kind of data you have to deal with. If you have only vertices (points) or if you have the segments associated to them as well. The most evident solution would be to divide the polygon in triangles and calculate […]

Love Condom, new website for condoms in Belgium !

Yeah, that’s right, Love Condom is a brand selling condoms in Belgium and God knows how much it is needed here with all those tourists coming to visit cathedrals, old towns, markets, women and … drink beers ! I let you see the home page right here. I already got some impressions from people here […]

Useful links: papervision 3d

Export Blender objects to PaperVision3D, Away3D and Sandy:

Useful links: Angles, directions, rotations, …

Angles and Directions: