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WorldGameMaker: video game IDE – 2nd preview of new Nape Physics + Particle Renderer + UI system integration

Hello, here is a quickly made video of the integration of Nape Physics, a totally new and very flexible Particle Renderer and a UI System into WorldGameMaker, a video game IDE using ND2Dx. The next iteration of WGM will include a compiler for web (flash) and AIR (IOS & Android) right into the IDE, to […]

FlashDevelop Sponsor

FlashDevelop is an immensely great ActionScript IDE (Haxe is also supported). I highly recommend you to check and support it as well.

Stage3D: how to setup ND2D to properly use ATF textures

ND2D doesn’t “entirely” support ATF textures (Adobe Texture Format). To solve this problem, just follow those steps: download the latest version of  “” actionscript file from Starling: In “” of ND2D, add a public variable: [sourcecode language=’as3′]public var textureFormat:String = Context3DTextureFormat.BGRA;[/sourcecode] Always in ““, add the following code  in the “textureFromATF” function : [sourcecode […]

Know where your function is called from

A very nice tip over there:

Error 1006: … not a function

Ok, seems that many people have had this issue before but, as always in this kind of situation, it seems that I’m the only one having this specific issue on the entire web… If you google it, you’ll find plenty of people telling about their story and how they solved it. Here is mine: I […]