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Benchmarks: SetTimeOut vs. Timer vs. CustomTimer

For the purpose of a Final State Machine that I’m developing for ND2Dx, I wanted to know which one of those approaches is the fastest and most reliable. Testing timers is not an easy task as you can’t really stress test them the same way you could test function calls. So here is my approach: […]

ND2Dx: continuation of a 2D Game Framework in AS3 for Stage3D

Edit: if you want to see the current state of the source code of ND2Dx, I invite you to check the game tutorials I’m currently writing using ND2Dx: part1 & part2. My intent with those tutorials is to show how to make a game and explore the inner workings of ND2Dx. It’s not yet stable […]

Is Flash Really Dead ?

No, I think it’s changing, that’s all. It’s been a long time since I wanted to write this post… Everything is going open-source these days, and some parts of Flash seems to be following the same movement. But is its death the real problem ? Look around you and tell me what you see ? […] : Games with Articles and Metascores

After months of preparations and delays, I finally launched a website I wanted to make for a long long time now. is basically a portal for Flash Games with a couple of nice features I’m still working on at the moment. The basic idea behind this portal is to merge data from several portals […]

Thierry Torres Cuba

Let me introduce a friend of mine, Thierry Torres Cuba. He is a professional and skilled Tree Care, has really good understanding of trees and gardening in general. If you’re looking for a professional in this area, don’t look further :). The services he can provide you with: tree pruning tree cutting and removal garden maintenance consulting […]

Why developing on Facebook sucks + some thoughts on e-social

Well, I certainly don’t claim to have “the” answer to everything, this post is just about why I think developing on Facebook sucks. Is this just a lack of consistency or a “seem to be really badly developed platform” issue ? or is it something else, a frustration that comes from an ideal that I […]