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Is Flash Really Dead ?

No, I think it’s changing, that’s all. It’s been a long time since I wanted to write this post… Everything is going open-source these days, and some parts of Flash seems to be following the same movement. But is its death the real problem ? Look around you and tell me what you see ? […]

Filters Manager in AS3 (BitmapEffects Manager) or how to add, remove and modify a filter from a DisplayObject

First of all, to understand the need of a centralized manager for filters in flash, we need to understand how filters are set on a DisplayObject. To set a filter, we first need to create a BitmapFilter object : [sourcecode language=’as3′] // create a new blur filter var blur:BlurFilter = new BlurFilter(4.0, 4.0, 1); [/sourcecode] […]

Events centralization – Centralized Event Management

What for ? Events centralization allows to listen for events of an object that we don’t have direct access to. Example We have a button in a MovieClip that is not directly connected to your main MovieClip or class where you want to keep all the events logic. There are many ways to get the […]

Calculate the surface/area of an irregular polygon

There are many ways to calculate the surface of a polygon. It all depends on what kind of data you have to deal with. If you have only vertices (points) or if you have the segments associated to them as well. The most evident solution would be to divide the polygon in triangles and calculate […]

Events manager AS3 classes

Basic Events manager classes. Remove all events, group events, suspend and resume events… Features Keep track of all events added and removed with this manager. Add listener. Remove listener. Add a listener to one or more groups. Suspsend a listener and/or a group of listeners without removing them. Resume a listener and/or a group of […]

AS3 arrays against linked lists performance benchmarking

Let’s have a look at arrays vs. linked lists, and for what use. Here, the assumption is that we need to access a property and/or call a function from a lot of objects in a list at the highest speed possible. Let’s say we are making a game and we want to go through all […]

TexturEd – a material editor for Half-life 2 and its mods (Source Engine games)

TexturEd is a GUI for the vTex utility used in the 3D Source Engine from Valve. This tool was specifically made for games such as Half-life 2 and its mods and Counter-Strike Source. TexturEd simplifies the creation of textures’s materials. Everything is managed (compilation options, materials, customs variables, shaders and their fallbacks, proxies). All shaders, […]

Jeu d’échec sur internet avec Visual Basic et Flash

Sources d’un projet de jeu d’échec en ligne. L’interface a été réalisée en Flash, Visual Basic servant ici de couche gérant la partie réseau. Le programme permet de se connecter à un serveur de type “chessanytime” et d’y jouer. La partie intéressante se trouvant dans les codes prenant en charge la gestion des commandes échangées […]

TexturEd : éditeur de matériaux pour Source Engine (hl2, cs-source,…)

Textured est un GUI (General User Interface, une interface) pour vTex, l’utilitaire servant à créer des matériaux pour le moteur de jeux Source Engine. Il est complet mais vieux et possède encore qques bugs (ne dérangent pas lors d’une utilisation normale). Il permet d’éditer les options de compilations et les propriétés des matériaux (shaders, fallbacks, […]