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ND2Dx: a few optimizations and a couple of examples

Hello It’s been a month since my last post, I have a big thing going on at the moment that has nothing to do with computers, so… Anyways, I still am working on ND2Dx as well as the game IDE. Here are a couple of changes/optimizations that I made recently in ND2Dx, as well as […]

Benchmarks: SetTimeOut vs. Timer vs. CustomTimer

For the purpose of a Final State Machine that I’m developing for ND2Dx, I wanted to know which one of those approaches is the fastest and most reliable. Testing timers is not an easy task as you can’t really stress test them the same way you could test function calls. So here is my approach: […]

Benchmarks: Dictionary vs. Object vs. Array vs. LookupList

[Update: I put the code of the LookupList class at the bottom of the article] [BIG Update: there was an error in the LookupList class -> now it’s much slower than the rest] And another benchmark comparing various ways of getting an object for a key that is stored in a table. The key is […]

Benchmarks: Function Call

Another benchmark about function calls. There already is a really good article at but here I  focus on functions I’m particularly interested in: public function (direct / static / no argument / 4 args) function reference (direct / static / no argument / 4 args) overridden function function accessed from external object (direct / by […]

Benchmark: Flash Events vs. Signals

You may be wondering why a new benchmark for this. Well, I have three reasons: all of the other benchmarks I could find on internet were outdated I always prefer to test things for myself as I always test things for myself, I took some time to write a little benchmark tool that will be […]