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World Game Maker: Cubic Bezier Curve editor & rendering + Dynamic Compiling + Private Beta Test


this preview shows you the Cubic Bezier Curve editor and renderer as well as the Dynamic Compile feature that allows you to test your project right into the editor.

I’ll soon start a private beta test, if you’re interested, leave a comment (make sure you leave your email too, it won’t show up) or send me a message either via this form or via email: norabbit [at]

Hope you like it.

Create Bitmap Fonts online easily with Littera

If you’re looking for a free and online tool that lets you create bitmap fonts out of an OTF file, look no more, here is Littera: Functionalities: select a font from you computer change its size and letter spacing specify color (solid or gradient) add stroke (solid or gradient) add filters (glow, bevel, drop […]

Twitter for AS3

Looking for an ActionScript3 library that handles the Twitter API ? look no further, here is your savior : There is, to my knowledge, no way of getting around the “pin” method of twitter unless you’re using StageWebView on mobile or HTMLLoader on desktop AIR apps. The authentification went well at first try and getting […]

WorldGameMaker: preview of a game/app editor for Flash and Stage3D with ND2Dx

Hello all, it’s been a very long time since my last post ! I’m still working on the game/app editor using Stage3D with ND2Dx and this is exactly why I’m writing this post, to give you a little preview of the current progress. Without further delay, here is a screenshot of what it currently looks […]

Stage3D: Error #3606: Sampler 0 format does not match texture format.

I got this error when switching to ATF textures (the new Adobe Texture Format that compresses textures and package it in different format for different systems) in my project. I’m currently using ND2D as a Stage3D framework and it is not being updated anymore. Why do I stick to it is another problem, but I solved it by […]

Error initializing Java Runtime Environment. You may need to reinstall Flash: How to solve it

I just got this message this morning while launching Flash CS5.5. Everything was fine yesterday, nothing happened between the shutdown of my computer and the re-launching of it this morning. Nothing but… I’m currently working on a heavy project that made me change the memory allocated to the Java Virtual Machine. 128mo are allocated by […]

Know where your function is called from

A very nice tip over there:

getBounds() on DisplayObject not functioning properly

Well in fact, it is… or is it not ? depends on how you see it. The trouble If using masks or objects that have their “visible” property on true but “alpha” at 0.0, it is taken into account into the calculation of the bounding rectangle. Even objects that are outside of the masked area […]

RabbitTween : new fast and easy transition/tween engine for Flash AS3

RabbitTween is a professional transition / tween engine written in ActionScript 3 for Flash. It is fast, easy to use and written in an object oriented way and so easily customizable (code is commented) If you want to know the “story” behind the RabbitTween, please follow this link. RabbitTweenMax is making its apparition in the […]

Call a function by its name in AS3

Imagine you want to call a function but you don’t have its reference, only its name. Well everything in ActionScript 3 follows pretty much the same logic. Every member of an object can be accessed via object[“member_name”]; Now it should be easy to get a function from it: [sourcecode language=’as3′] var f:Function = object[“function_name”] as […]