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Strange behavior with masks in Flash CS3 (and 10)

Here is the case: I have one MovieClip called “container” that holds several other MovieClips. Each one of these MovieClips have a dropshadow filter applied to them. The “container” mc is masked by a shape on the timeline and one can scroll up and down this mc via a scrollbar. Well, now it seems that […]

Frames in timeline not accessible in IE

Another strange thing happening in Internet Explorer (MSIE 7.0): my movie is linked to a class (Document class) and in the constructor of this class I either do nothing or go and play a frame number labelized “step1”. This label is located at frame 45 on the main timeline of my movie. In Firefox, no […]

getChildAt function returns null

I just came across a problem when using the getChildAt function. It returns null even though there are children (numChildren property is greater than zero). The thing is that it happens only after I move to another frame of a MovieClip object. And only for “dynamic” objects like the TextField (StaticText works just fine). (by […]

Stage accessibility, avoid errors when trying to access it

Be aware of the stage property of a DisplayObject instance (any class that can be added to a Display List in order to be shown on screen). It is only accessible when the instance is added to the Display list. I went into some troubles when trying to add an event listener on the stage […]

stage.stageWidth and stage.stageHeight = 0 in IE

I just spent 2 hours trying to solve a bug that seemed to appear only in IE. The stage.stageWidth and stage.stageHeight properties were set to 0 at the start of the execution… The strange thing about this bug is that it appeared only when I would refresh the page. The first time, the stage.stageWidth and […]