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Stage3D: Error #3606: Sampler 0 format does not match texture format.

I got this error when switching to ATF textures (the new Adobe Texture Format that compresses textures and package it in different format for different systems) in my project. I’m currently using ND2D as a Stage3D framework and it is not being updated anymore. Why do I stick to it is another problem, but I solved it by […]

Error initializing Java Runtime Environment. You may need to reinstall Flash: How to solve it

I just got this message this morning while launching Flash CS5.5. Everything was fine yesterday, nothing happened between the shutdown of my computer and the re-launching of it this morning. Nothing but… I’m currently working on a heavy project that made me change the memory allocated to the Java Virtual Machine. 128mo are allocated by […]

Flash CS4: compiling won’t work without giving any error

If your project compiles a bit faster than usual but doesn’t seem to work at all without even giving you any error. Or when debugging your project, it simply tells you that there is no actionscript code or something similar, you might want to have a look at this post first: And if this […]

getBounds() on DisplayObject not functioning properly

Well in fact, it is… or is it not ? depends on how you see it. The trouble If using masks or objects that have their “visible” property on true but “alpha” at 0.0, it is taken into account into the calculation of the bounding rectangle. Even objects that are outside of the masked area […]

AS3 stop() function doesn’t work

Here is the “configuration”: One main movie that loads external movies. Externals movies that have stop() functions on their timeline. When played alone, the external movies run perfectly. The stop() functions work well and everything’s fine. But when loaded into the main movieclip, all the stop() functions stop working… (well in a way they work […]

Flash input text bug : @, . and other characters that need the “shift” key to be pressed

So, if you got a bug on FireFox and Safari when trying to insert a @ character into a textfield, just take a look at this post: It seems to happen when a div is placed (or was…) over your flash movie.

5005:Unknown error when optimizing byte code bullshit

For those people out there who are experiencing this cool issue, just upgrade your flash cs4 10.0.0 to 10.0.2. It solved the problem for us. Sometimes Flash CS4 won’t even show you anything in the Output and/or Compiler errors windows and when debugging your movie it will just tell you that it cannot do anything […]

Change / set volume on NetStream object (FLV playback)

Sometimes you just spend time for stupid things like this and when you find out how to do it you just wonder why it has to be like this… I feel like there are still a lot of inconsistencies in ActionScript 3… Anyway, here is the code to do so. Just set a new SoundTransform […]

Events manager AS3 classes

Basic Events manager classes. Remove all events, group events, suspend and resume events… Features Keep track of all events added and removed with this manager. Add listener. Remove listener. Add a listener to one or more groups. Suspsend a listener and/or a group of listeners without removing them. Resume a listener and/or a group of […]