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Is Flash Really Dead ? : part two

Hello all, a few updates and thoughts about what is happening in the Flash and mobile casual gaming world in general nowadays. Flash AIR was recently awarded the best Mobile Software Application Development platform by Compass Intelligence. Good to see that some people still see the enormous potential the Flash platform actually possess. Adobe roadmap […]

Create a Game – Jelly Smash Tutorial part 3: Bitmap Fonts

Heya there, Today I’m gonna talk about bitmap fonts (or how to display text with Stage3D and ND2Dx). This is a good opportunity to add some kind of useful information in our game Jelly Smash. We will need to show the current score as well as how much points each smashed bug have earned us. […]

ND2Dx: continuation of a 2D Game Framework in AS3 for Stage3D

Edit: if you want to see the current state of the source code of ND2Dx, I invite you to check the game tutorials I’m currently writing using ND2Dx: part1 & part2. My intent with those tutorials is to show how to make a game and explore the inner workings of ND2Dx. It’s not yet stable […]

Is Flash Really Dead ?

No, I think it’s changing, that’s all. It’s been a long time since I wanted to write this post… Everything is going open-source these days, and some parts of Flash seems to be following the same movement. But is its death the real problem ? Look around you and tell me what you see ? […] : Games with Articles and Metascores

After months of preparations and delays, I finally launched a website I wanted to make for a long long time now. is basically a portal for Flash Games with a couple of nice features I’m still working on at the moment. The basic idea behind this portal is to merge data from several portals […]

SoundQuest, a journey in the extraordinary world of game development and Stage3D

Today I pluck up some courage to try presenting a project I (and many others) have been working hard on for the past few months: SoundQuest (you can play it there: Originally proposed for a replacement and enhancement of the famous “snake game” on Nokia mobile phones, it has developed progressively to a totally […]

Why developing on Facebook sucks + some thoughts on e-social

Well, I certainly don’t claim to have “the” answer to everything, this post is just about why I think developing on Facebook sucks. Is this just a lack of consistency or a “seem to be really badly developed platform” issue ? or is it something else, a frustration that comes from an ideal that I […]

Lightning effect in Flash AS3

I was looking for class that would create a really cool lightning effect for me just like that, without having to deal with mathematics and co. Useless to say that when looking for such a thing, this will most likely end as a waste of time. Well, I was wrong. I found this fabulous piece […]

Samsung TV 3D: a new era in television and games

And the very last project I worked on is a promotional website for Samsung: Samsung is now promoting their new 3D Televisions and it was a great occasion to organise an event with plenty of things to win (like this Home Cinema full featured worth +- 6300 €) and a website with plenty of […]

Fanta: Less serious (youtube channel)

Launched a few months ago, here is the last project I worked on: Fanta Less Serious, a Youtube channel dedicated to “less serious” stuff… So what’s the main purpose of this website ? sell more fanta… yeah but also entertain people. This channel regroups all the best fun videos on youtube and that’s pretty great […]