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Calimucho, new website for an architecture office in Belgium

And here comes the last project I worked on. is a website for an Architecture Office (Calimucho) here in Belgium. There is not much to say, the design was kept minimalist in order to keep all the attention on the projects and their pictures. We tried different approaches for the picture viewer but we […]

Love Condom, new website for condoms in Belgium !

Yeah, that’s right, Love Condom is a brand selling condoms in Belgium and God knows how much it is needed here with all those tourists coming to visit cathedrals, old towns, markets, women and … drink beers ! I let you see the home page right here. I already got some impressions from people here […]

Free Your Mind on, free yourselves from your prejudices

Here is the last website I have been working on for the past few weeks ( Full flash 2 languages (French and Flemish) Use of PaperVision3D for transition effects and 3D animated characters. Use of MD2 file format for character models and animations. The MD2 file format was introduced with the Quake2 game, a few […]

Free Your Mind sur, libérez-vous de vos préjugés !

Voici le dernier projet web sur lequel j’ai travaillé ces dernières semaines ( Full flash 2 langues (Français et Néerlandais) Utilisation de PaperVision3D pour les effets de transition et les personnages animés en 3D. Utilisation du format MD2 pour les modèles et animations 3D. Le format MD2 a été introduit avec le jeux Quake2, quelques […]