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After months of preparations and delays, I finally launched a website I wanted to make for a long long time now. is basically a portal for Flash Games with a couple of nice features I’m still working on at the moment. The basic idea behind this portal is to merge data from several portals […]

SoundQuest, a journey in the extraordinary world of game development and Stage3D

Today I pluck up some courage to try presenting a project I (and many others) have been working hard on for the past few months: SoundQuest (you can play it there: Originally proposed for a replacement and enhancement of the famous “snake game” on Nokia mobile phones, it has developed progressively to a totally […]

Samsung TV 3D: a new era in television and games

And the very last project I worked on is a promotional website for Samsung: Samsung is now promoting their new 3D Televisions and it was a great occasion to organise an event with plenty of things to win (like this Home Cinema full featured worth +- 6300 €) and a website with plenty of […]

Fanta: Less serious (youtube channel)

Launched a few months ago, here is the last project I worked on: Fanta Less Serious, a Youtube channel dedicated to “less serious” stuff… So what’s the main purpose of this website ? sell more fanta… yeah but also entertain people. This channel regroups all the best fun videos on youtube and that’s pretty great […]

Blue Your Friends: a new Volkswagen campaign

Good day everybody. Today I present the new website I worked on: Blue Your Friends for Volkswagen. Design and video from 1MD. Flash development and the facebook integration stuff (facilitated by Vinch from 1MD) by me. The idea is simple and provocative (but what is provocative nowadays anyway ?) So yeah, provocative and humoristic. Good […]

Jacques Dutronc : new official website

New official website for Jacques Dutronc. If you don’t know who Jacques Dutronc is, then check this link. Jacques Dutronc (born April 28, 1943 in Paris) is a French singer, composer, and actor. He has been married to singer Françoise Hardy since March 30, 1981, and the two have a son, (jazz guitarist Thomas Dutronc, […] : new website for a design agency

New project for a Belgian design agency : Eye-Design. Nothing really fancy here except for the navigation system and the design which I think is really nice and sober. The idea is simple, every section is contained in a circle. When you click on it, it smoothly gets bigger till it takes the size of […]

They talk about the Prototype Experience

Here is a list of some blogs talking about the Prototype Experience: “…I’ve seen a number of interesting Facebook Connect implementations but this has to be the best one so far…“ All Facebook, The Unofficial Facebook Resource “To promote its next video-game developped by Radical Entertainment called Prototype (to be released in Europe in June), […]

The Prototype Experience : the new Facebook Connect Interactive Experience for the new game by Activision: Prototype

Here it is, the new and unique Prototype Experience using Facebook Connect for the new blockbuster game by Activision: Prototype. I don’t think it has been done before and so I invite you to go and visit the site before you read this post as I will explain a bit more about the development process […]

FearTracker : a new Interactive Horror Trailer for Volkswagen

FearTracker is a new concept (as far as I know) allowing you to interact with the trailer and make your own in real time ! and all that for a car manufacturer called Volkswagen. Fear, horror and paranoia are the main words for this interactive trailer. The idea behind this is simple : you really […]