SWF 2 PNG: a tool to convert assets from a SWF to PNGs in multiple resolutions (supports all DisplayObjects, including MovieClips)

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As the title merely suggests it, SWF2PNG (I apologize already for the numerous tools out there that have the same name…) is a tool that will convert all your DisplayObjects (including MovieClips and their frames) inside of a SWF file into a bunch of PNGs at multiple resolutions.

The two main options you need to understand:

  • Import size (1x, 2x or 4x) : this is the resolution your assets are inside the SWF (you could have drawn them in HD = 2x or in Super HD = 4x)
  • Export size (1x, 2x or 4x) : this is the resolution your assets will be rendered in when being exported to PNG (of course, only vector assets will be scaled nicely)


How this tool works

You simply need to drag and drop a SWF file into the droppable area and it will render all the children that SWF contains one by one. It won’t recursively render children of children. So only the children that are added to the main stage of that SWF.

Each DisplayObject has to have a name. It is used as a filename.

There is a Content.swf and its .fla as an example of a SWF asset file.

The source code and the AIR app are all present in the zip file.

SWF 2 PNG Multi Resolution Converter
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  1. José

    Great, exactly what I needed!!

    Thank you for providing the source code – I’ve made some changes like adding filters scaling (recursive) and modified the UI to allow custom export scales + suffix, and I made some other change for my particular use, like removing import scaling as I always design at minimum resolution and bypassed the “costly” getVisibleBounds method since I explicitly set the bounds with a transparent region in each symbol (That way I prevent inconsistant centring between similar symbols).

    If you want this version to share it with others I will be happy to share it back. 😉

    Thanks again for the good work, this little app will serve a lot!

  2. Heya, glad it’s of some use to you.
    Yeah, share your sources, it sounds interesting. The filters scaling is something I hadn’t thought about, that’s great.
    I also improved the original version quite a lot by adding a bitmap font generator as well as other small things. I’m even thinking of adding a texture packer algorithm (to make atlas) so it does everything in one place with one click.
    I don’t know when I’ll have the time to prepare all of that and release it. Maybe for a small price ? would be good to try to make some money from something as times are being hard at the moment. But now that you’re helping out, this sounds like not the way to go anymore :)…

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