Is Flash Really Dead ? : part two

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Hello all,

a few updates and thoughts about what is happening in the Flash and mobile casual gaming world in general nowadays.

Flash AIR was recently awarded the best Mobile Software Application Development platform by Compass Intelligence.

Good to see that some people still see the enormous potential the Flash platform actually possess.

Adobe roadmap for the Flash runtimes – 2015

Adobe never ceased to develop and improve the Flash platform, even if they are not marketing it with the same vitality they used to. The number and thus, frequency, of updates has increased since quite some time now and this roadmap ensures us that it will keep moving that way.
Quite a couple of nice things are being planned, among the new features:

  • AIR – Concurrency for iOS
  • AIR – iOS Packaging time improvements with support for parallel compilation
  • AIR – Support for hardware decoded video in Stage3D content with the new VideoTexture class on both desktop and mobile platforms
  • AIR – 64-bit support for Windows and Mac applications
  • AIR – Improved HTML5 support
  • Flash Player – Improved installation and settings UI workflows
  • Flash Player – Hardware video decoding for Mac Chrome (PPAPI)
  • Flash Player – Multicast video support for Chrome (PPAPI)
  • Stage3D – Standard “extended” profile support for the latest generations of 3D hardware (AGAL3) for Flash Player and AIR
  • Stage3D – ETC2 support for the Adobe Texture Format (ATF) for AIR iOS and Android
  • Stage3D – Support for ATF (JPEG-XR compression) for rectangular textures for Flash Player and AIR
  • Stage3D – Runtime compression of textures for Flash Player and AIR

FGL & HTML5: revenue drop

As stated in their blog post, revenues for HTML5 games have dropped to a point they decided to stop investing in building and growing that market. Nevertheless, they continue to support HTML5 games and will always do. They still believe HTML5 is the technology to go but its time hasn’t come yet.

Overall thoughts

Not much to say here unless one wants me to enter the circle of “I told you that flash was not dead, nor dying”…
But clearly, the goal of this post is to show and reassure people that Flash is well alive and keeps growing into something very strong and mature. And even if Adobe is not making as much noise about flash as it used to in the past, it is still actively working on it.

That being said, and I probably repeat myself, flash could disappear overnight. This is the reality of internet. But I very doubt so.

And now that we are slowly leaving the over exposed “birth” of HTML5 and the so called “consequently death” of flash. As if HTML5 needed to destroy another technology to prove its value. It doesn’t need to.
Now that Flash showed us that even when one of the most glorified person on earth tries to destroy it, it remains still well and alive.
Then now is the time for Flash to slowly regain its rightful place as a professional and mature cross platform technology in the heart of everyone.

Peace 🙂

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  1. mrLove

    100% Agreed, let’s Flash 😀

  2. I hope Microsoft and Adobe talks is not just the project spartan, but Air on Windows Mobile.

  3. Joe

    Well said. Flash is dead. Long live Flash and Air!

  4. Ryan

    Now we just need some of the Adobe staff to read this and help correct Flash/Airs reputation. No more articles about Cross Platform Development without the mention of AIR.

  5. @clickryan: I really hope so too 🙂
    @Ryan: totally agree

  6. Paul Ollivier

    Well i just hope Adobe puts some efforts into flash, as they didn’t even have a stand in last GDC! Come on Adobe, or let this product be handled by another company

  7. Paul Ollivier

    ( i meant marketing efforts, and a team bigger than 2 – very passionate – guys )

  8. Wait what? This is still going on.

  9. trackman

    Flash is far from dead. Flash for web maybe dead unless they fine tune their HTML 5 conversion and make it work seemless with animation and AS3. But Flash with Air is very much alive for creating mobile apps and continues to grow!

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