FlashMetaGames.com : Games with Articles and Metascores

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After months of preparations and delays, I finally launched a website I wanted to make for a long long time now.

FlashMetaGames.com is basically a portal for Flash Games with a couple of nice features I’m still working on at the moment.
The basic idea behind this portal is to merge data from several portals and bring it into one place. You’ve already the possibility to check the MetaScore and MetaViews of each game currently hosted on FlashMetaGames.com


A MetaScore is an average score (using the Bayesian Average) based on the scores of a same game on different portals. Same for the MetaViews except that it just shows to total number of views instead of an average.
I’m still not totally convinced about the Bayesian Average though. For those who don’t know, this technique is used to kind of better balance ratings or scores among entities (games in this case). It basically tries to give games with a high score but a few votes less importance than games with medium-to-high score and with much more votes and sources. This is just an example of what this technique is trying to achieve. Unfortunately, I don’t have all of the data I need to be really precise, so I’m still in the process of refining the method. Maybe merge it with “real” values.

I just released the website a couple of days ago. There is still lots of work to do like adding a couple of really important pages (contact, about, policy, add a game, etc…) and features.

All the games present on the website have the authorization to be published there. I will also open another section of the website that proposes to check data of games for which I do not have the authorization. Those games, therefore, won’t be playable.

Another idea behind FlashMetaGames is to show and write articles about games I like. I really want to focus on games and authors that I find interesting.
My goal is to provide with side information about games and their authors so people can have a wider view on what is being done, why and how. This is going to be a lot of work, but this is something I’m kind of passionate about: how things are being done and how people get to do what they are doing.

I’ve already written two articles about “small” games (meaning: not big “blockbuster” games like Burrito Bison and co.) I found quite special.


The work is still in progress, I hope I’ll get to something I like and will also be appreciated.

You’re very welcome to have a look and leave your appreciation anywhere here or there. I’ll be very grateful.

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