Error initializing Java Runtime Environment. You may need to reinstall Flash: How to solve it

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I just got this message this morning while launching Flash CS5.5.
Everything was fine yesterday, nothing happened between the shutdown of my computer and the re-launching of it this morning.
Nothing but…

I’m currently working on a heavy project that made me change the memory allocated to the Java Virtual Machine.
128mo are allocated by default. I already had to change it to 256, yesterday I put it to 512. All of this happens in a tiny file called jvm.ini.
Everything worked fine after that modification. I even had to reboot Flash CS5.5. My project was compiling, I was happy.

Now, all of the sudden, I get this strange error:
“Error initializing Java Runtime Environment.  You may need to reinstall Flash.”

Never had it before. I may need to reinstall flash ? before getting to that, I checked on google and came across quite a lot of articles about it.

The one that helped me solve this annoying problem is this one:

The interesting part is about the jvm.ini file. The one that I modified the day before. I changed the value from 512 to 384. And all of the sudden, flash is working fine again.

So, here are the steps I would check before you copy, delete, re-install anything:

  1. check your jvm.ini file. It is located in your “C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS5.5\en_US\Configuration\ActionScript 3.0″ directory (Windows Vista)
    And change the value of the -Xmx property to a lower value (128 should be a minimum): “-Xmx128m”
  2. check your java installation. If it’s up-to-date or if there are any conflicts between different versions.
  3. check this solution:
  4. check this weird administrator solution here:
  5. think about re installing flash… but I would still be very cautious about it.

Hope it helped

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  1. bukkelchen

    Thank you very much! 😀

    Had the same problem. Solved it for me!

  2. Solved my problem on CS6 🙂

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