Fanta: Less serious (youtube channel)

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Launched a few months ago, here is the last project I worked on: Fanta Less Serious, a Youtube channel dedicated to “less serious” stuff…

So what’s the main purpose of this website ? sell more fanta… yeah but also entertain people. This channel regroups all the best fun videos on youtube and that’s pretty great actually.

A few words on the flash development though.
It isn’t really over glowing on the website but there is a smooth displacement effect on the big buttons on the home page (and other pages as well) that makes them feel like paper.


And the smooth parallax effect you can see when you move the mouse (earth rotates as well as other elements) has been done in Flash9 (AS3).
If I point it out, it’s because it can’t be done using the rotation property of a movie clip as it doesn’t make it rotate smoothly. Why ? because the MovieClip is too big and a small rotation change in the center becomes bigger on the edge of the MovieClip and it seems that the precision of the rotation property is not enough for big MovieClips.

So how did I do ? simply by using the Matrix property of the transform property of my MovieClip objects.

All of that using the RabbitTween engine (downloadable on this blog)

Have fun!


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