AS3 stop() function doesn’t work

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Here is the “configuration”:

  • One main movie that loads external movies.
  • Externals movies that have stop() functions on their timeline.

When played alone, the external movies run perfectly. The stop() functions work well and everything’s fine.
But when loaded into the main movieclip, all the stop() functions stop working… (well in a way they work “too well”)


Conflicting classes… (I suppose)
My external movies have a base class, let’s call it “ExternalMcBaseClass”.
In my main movie, I declare that my external movies are of the type of “ExternalMcBaseClass”. When I specify their type as a simple “MovieClip”, all of the sudden, everything seems to work fine again.

Why ?

I’m not really sure and this is really annoying…
If someone knows why then feel free to explain it.

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  1. Hello,

    I try to reproduce your issue without success.
    I work a lot with external swf loaded into a Main swf. Each swf having their own base class. No problem.

    Can you give more details ?

    I mean, when you say \"base class\" you mean the class linked to the document.

    Because this class should always extends MovieClip… and so stop is a properties of MovieClip.



  2. Hi,
    yes “base class” is the class linked to the document and yes, this class extends MovieClip (among others)
    I’ll try to put an example soon.

  3. This issue seems different. In my case, it only happens when I specify the class as its real class type (extending the MovieClip class). But it works when I just specify it as a MovieClip.

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