Jacques Dutronc : new official website

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New official website for Jacques Dutronc. If you don’t know who Jacques Dutronc is, then check this link.

Jacques Dutronc (born April 28, 1943 in Paris) is a French singer, composer, and actor. He has been married to singer Françoise Hardy since March 30, 1981, and the two have a son, (jazz guitarist Thomas Dutronc, born 1973).

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Dutronc


Not really much to say. For people like me, I mean people who expect to see “wow” websites all the time, this one will definitely not be one of them. But… there are actually a couple of things that I like in it and the way they were implemented.

First of all, the design is cool. Nice and sober.

Then, notice the nice and smooth parallax effect in every section of the website. This is not new but it really adds to the look and feel of it.

Drag and scroll effect

This is something that I believe has to be the main new way of  scrolling through a list’s elements. Just like the IPhone.
I know that we still need to think about people with pads (laptop users) but with the new coming computers with touch-screen support, I believe this technique has a promising future. That’s why we really try to use it as much as we are allowed to. Some clients are still cold about it but we all know that most of the clients are always cold about everything new.

Transition effects

Nothing really wonderful or exciting. I just think that the transition from the home section to the agenda is really cool. It’s simple and sober and yet looks really good (to me at least ;)).


So, what does Jacques Dutronc have to offer this time ? new album ? not really. Free stuff ? no. A Concert ? yeah, with a full and complete agenda. A blindtest ? yes !


That’s right, there is a game. The goal is simple, you need to discover which “visual” correspond to the song being played. There are 30 songs to listen to and nothing to win but from what I already heard of, it’s fun to play (really hard at first) and people generally start again until they found them all.


Each visual is animated on roll over and opens up when selected to show what song it represents.


Link: http://www.jacques-dutronc.fr/
Realization: 1MD
Flash development: Thomas John (http://blog.open-design.be).

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  1. Hello Monsieur Dutronc,

    J’ai enregistré des nouvelles morceaux je suis de la Belgique et souvent les gents me disent que j’ai quelque chose de vous dans ma musique

    Je me sens pas vraiment satisfait parceque c’eszt vraiment dur ici pour mon groupe de trouver assez de boulot.

    J’ai plusieurs chansons en Français et je suis certain de la qualité et et ils peuvent marcher tres bien chez vous.

    si vous avez envie de m’aider avec n’importe quoi ou si vous avez envie de faire une chansons ensemble?
    Sur les liens plus des infos



    Tres tres bien à vous!
    Et respect pour votre musique!

  2. Salut,

    je ne suis pas Dutronc 😉 et je n’ai pas son contact. Ceci est tout simplement un site que j’ai fait pour lui (via 1MD)
    bonne continuation!


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