Eye-design.be : new website for a design agency

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New project for a Belgian design agency : Eye-Design. Nothing really fancy here except for the navigation system and the design which I think is really nice and sober.
The idea is simple, every section is contained in a circle. When you click on it, it smoothly gets bigger till it takes the size of the screen, then the section contained in it appears.
The system allows you to put as many sections inside a section and thus have as many sub-sections as you want. You even can put a section inside itself.

There is always a button labelled “home” that brings you to the home page. When you click on it, you go through all the previous sections that lead you there but in the opposite way.

Go have a look to actually see what I’m talking about.

Screenshot showing the intro page. Dots are coming from “behind” the camera and smoothly recompose the logo.

So, what does it contain ?

Well, the usual stuff a website requires : pages like “Home”, “About”, “News”, “Contact” and a couple of picture galleries.

There is nothing really to say about that website, I’m sorry. I really like the design, it’s sober and you know where to go to get what you want. The navigation system was actually nice to develop and I think it looks great, especially when you go back to the previous section or straight to home.

So here is a few pictures of this website :

ed_homeHome… no bullshit, no shit chat, just what a normal guy would expect from a website like this.

ed_galleryThe project page. Every project has a picture and a description.

ed_gallery2The actual gallery section for a project. Click on the screen and the navigation buttons appear.

ed_transitionAnd finally, a screenshot representing a transition from a section (project) to a previous section (home).

Link: http://www.eye-design.be/
Sales: Bertrand le Jeune
Realization: 1MD
Flash development: Thomas John (http://blog.open-design.be).

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