FearTracker : a new Interactive Horror Trailer for Volkswagen

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FearTracker is a new concept (as far as I know) allowing you to interact with the trailer and make your own in real time ! and all that for a car manufacturer called Volkswagen.

Fear, horror and paranoia are the main words for this interactive trailer. The idea behind this is simple : you really want to feel alive ? then drive  a Golf GTI…

It slowly begins with a language chooser (yeah, still working in Belgium so French and Flemish are mandatory… I think english woud have been a great “plus” but it’s already nice like this)


The texts are slowly showed in a nice and creepy strobe effect style.
I used oscillations techniques (no tween like Tweener or TweenLite and co.), if I got time later, I think I’ll use it to write a post about it. You can achieve pretty amazing effects with simple functions like Math.cos() and Math.sin() (Flash ActionScript3)

Here is a screenshot of how it looks like when animated:


Best is to go and see for yourself on the website 😉 I write this just in case the website is removed (one day it will as it is a promotion website)

After having sworn that you were old enough to endure this unique piece of art, a tutorial starts and explains what you can do and how to do it. This is really simple as you just need to use your keyboard, each key is associated to a sound, a video or an effect. Sometimes a key has multiple and/or progressive effects, so try them all more than once. External assets (depending on the language) are also loaded during this tutorial (~8Mo of sounds, videos and effects for you to play with)


Then begins the show. When played for the first time, I think most of the people will just watch it without playing with it. It’s normal, it’s a trailer. That’s why we put a “replay button” for at the end.
There are plenty of sounds, a couple of effects (thunder, black&white, explosion and blood being my favorites) and videos to play with.

The whole interactive system is controlled via an external xml. There you can specify different sequences and their respective time range and all the assets associated to each sequence.

Each asset is seen as a unique effect and can be controlled via a set of properties:

  1. minimum duration
  2. loop type (one shot, loop)
  3. sound level
  4. main sound level
  5. voice off sound level
  6. panning (random or specified)
  7. type of asset (sound, video, effect, panel)
  8. fade in/out
  9. text when showed
  10. text when hidden
  11. number of time it can be repeated
  12. linked asset
  13. blend mode
  14. effect type (displacement, colormatrix, convolution)
  15. effect options

The management of the effects was made possible thanks to a class especially developed for (not much really but useful when you need to remove a specific effect when two of them are of the same type)
I think I’ll also write a post about it because it’s something that flash doesn’t make easy to manage.

There would be a lot of things to write about, like the difficulties I ran into and the pitfalls that can be avoided when you know how some specific things work in flash (like this f*#ù´! NetStream object that everyone seems to enjoy) but I don’t have a lot of time and when I got some for me, I like to do nothing and dream.

When the trailer ends, the final packshot appears.


You’ll be able to send the website’s link to your friends, share it on Facebook, Tweet it and Blog it.
There also is a button to replay the trailer.
Keys are still active, so don’t forget to try them and see what happens…

Hope you enjoy it.

Link: http://www.feartracker.be/
Production: [BWAT]
Realization: 1MD
Flash development: Thomas (http://www.open-design.be)
see full credits


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  1. I really NOT enjoy netstream.
    my alternative : FLV on a SWF and loading like a flash movie..

    Nice job,


  2. I’ll have a look at that alternative.
    Tkx for passing by!

  3. Concept & Design: 1MD ?!?
    So you just forget me (BWAT)?!?!?… Now you can be really scare!! Watch your back… 😀
    Full credits: http://www.feartracker.be/credits_fr.html

  4. wooty

    I love the effects with the text !

    Gongratz Thomas !

    Here an exemple of interactive music video clip. Not with keyboard but with mouse. http://www.beonlineb.com/

    See you 🙂

  5. fab

    A big Up for your patience, your professionalism and your sense of details that helped us to build this crazy website. We’re really proud of it. I Just wanna say, in the name of 1md, a big thanks dude! You rocked! 😉


  6. Cédric Rainotte:
    😉 en plus j’en parlais avec 1md juste après avoir posté la note. T’as été plus rapide que moi, c’est corrigé.

    tkx !

  7. Vraiment bien, blogué également ! L’Angleterre a également fait un truc sympa ! http://www.buzzetcie.com/the-gti-project-by-volkswagen/

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