Love Condom, new website for condoms in Belgium !

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Yeah, that’s right, Love Condom is a brand selling condoms in Belgium and God knows how much it is needed here with all those tourists coming to visit cathedrals, old towns, markets, women and … drink beers !

I let you see the home page right here. I already got some impressions from people here and there and … most of them seem to like it (…good) But I need to warn you that this site and the following pictures might hurt your sensibility, so all of you who are too young, too old, without legs and penis and all those people from the Church (unless you’re a Sœur Emmanuelle‘s fan)… please… leave now and click on the advertising on your right while you do so. Thank you.


The project

At first look, it seemed to be a “simple website” with just 4 sections, the fourth one being just a black background with some text explaining how dangerous sex can be… (how wonderfull this world can be hu !?) And there is also a Radio Spot where you can listen to the wonderfull spots that are actually playing on radio right now…

Simple but not too simple…

The navigation system is a bit different from what you usually see in one shots flash sites like this one these days. All sections are placed on a big board on which you navigate while going from section to section. Sections have different rotation angles giving a “little something” to the effect.
The effect wasn’t too complicated to achieve but I had to keep it smooth and with all those sections and animated stuff it wasn’t that easy. I used a caching technique where I make a screenshot of a section when it is not used anymore and I deactivate all unnecessary events and animations thanks to the event manager I now am using.

The magnetic effect

When you roll over a button or a UI object like frames, pictures, etc… the object gets attracted to your mouse and eventually comes and get stuck to it. This is achieved by a simple class and a ENTER_FRAME event handler (for those programmers around here) but all the objects associated to it needed to be made for that specific use so no room for reusability here.

Create your own !

This sections can be seen as the core of this website as it is from here that everything gets created.
It actually is a tool to create your own dick, put a message onto it and send it to your friends. Amongst the things that can be customized are: the dick (six different dicks for the moment and more to come), the hat/hair, the sunglasses, the background and the text (color and font can be changed as well). So here we tried to give people as much as they could possibly need (this is a commercial brand so we could not do “everything” we wanted) to customize their dick and send them to their friend.

For those interested in how to send a picture to the server in Flash, i’m gonna write a post about it. There are plenty of links out there but none explains the pitfalls one might fall in when trying to do it.


Wall of fame

Just a picture gallery containing all the customized dicks people created (and allowed us to show, yes, you can keep a dick just for you and your friend(s))


And the website’s url:

Concept: Troy
Design: 1MD
Development: Thomas (

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  1. Thanks for sharing, just posted about this update on Cheers!

  2. Thanks for passing by.

  3. Наше почтение! Мне доставляет удовольствие считывать ваши пометки, стараюсь почаще посещать ваш интернет-журнал, но вы нечасто записываете. Коим видом можно получить новости вашего интернет-дневника на электронку?

  4. admin

    hi, I got a rough translation of your messagen tkx to 😉
    I’ll try to answer your message by this:
    yeah, I know, I don’t post anything for the moment. It was the “hollydays” season for us and now I’m just too busy to post anything but there are a couple more projects comming and I’ve got nice things to show.

    see ya!

  5. Привет от мала до велика! Хочу высказать спасибо полиграфам этого блога за то что исключительно изящно освящаете тему. Ваш интернет-блог мне очень понравился и я и буду возобновлять его почитывать ныне и присно! С преклонением, Ваш абонент.

  6. Способность писать в дневник захватывающие заметки меня очень радует и удовлетворяет! Всякий раз любопытно.

  7. admin

    Thanks, appreciate it.

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