Free Your Mind on, free yourselves from your prejudices

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Here is the last website I have been working on for the past few weeks (

  • Full flash
  • 2 languages (French and Flemish)
  • Use of PaperVision3D for transition effects and 3D animated characters.
  • Use of MD2 file format for character models and animations. The MD2 file format was introduced with the Quake2 game, a few years ago…


The website is split in two parts:

  1. The first one is about prejudices. People are asked to vote against or for a prejudice. They can leave comments and even post a prejudice of their own. And to make it more fun, we decided to let people create their own character for each prejudice they post. They will be able to choose the gender and the visual appearance of their character from a set of textures for the hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ears and body.
    In a few words, KIA wants to help you fight your prejudices.
  2. The second part is about the new KIA Soul. A few informations about the vehicle and its functionnalities, some videos and links to a contest to win a car test for a week, etc…

MD2 file support

The MD2 file support is now part of the PaperVision3D Engine. The file class contains everything needed to load and show a md2 model file into PaperVision3D.

I still had to change some parts of the code to make it work with the tools I used to create and animate my models. So if it doesn’t work straight away, try to see what’s not going well. In my case, it would not recognise the different animations in the MD2 files. Two characters were added at the end of each animation name.

Also, animations are running in loop. I plan to work on a class with non-looping animations based on an event system. That will eventually come later. Depending on the projects I’ll be working on next.

The tools I used for editing my MD2 files are:


Concept: Denis & Lionel (1MD)
Design: Lionel (1MD)
Development: Thomas ( & Vinch (1MD)
Web Analytics: Citobi

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