Matrix Fall 3D : a Matrix Screensaver in 3D

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Matrix Screensaver in 3D using the authentic fonts and original effects from The Matrix movie.
Add and show custom texts in the Matrix Style.


It uses the Direct3D APIs and Visual Basic 6. Many effects. Fully configurable. Source code included.


This code received the ‘Superior Code’ award from Planet-Source-Code and many great feedbacks from programming websites.
Source code is fully documented in French and in English (older version).

Hope you like it !

Download files : Matrix Fall 3D a matrix screensaver in 3D

And if you like the software, feel free to make a donation (via Paypal)


(A french version of this post is also available on this blog)

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  1. exe cannot find dv8*.DLL file

  2. Then you’re on Vista and I can’t do nothing for you. Microsoft is trying to kill Visual Basic to make .NET the only platform to develop on. So no DirectX dlls for Visual Basic on vista…
    I’m sorry for that. And if you’re on XP then just download DirectX (min. version 8.0) from the microsoft website.


  3. rcalmeida

    Hello Thomas!
    First of all: congrats!!! This is a really nice screensaver, actually it’s my favorite! 🙂
    Now, here’s my question: how can I make MatrixFall to work on a computer with tow monitors?
    I’ve digging all the possible settings but no deal on the 2nd monitor (my French skills are terrible, but has been of great help understanding its settings).
    Drop me a line if know any workarounds. Thanks and greetings from Brazil!

  4. Hi,
    tkx for the message, unfortunately I don’t have any solution to this problem. This has been a question people keep asking me but to be honnest, I haven’t touched the code for years now… just not enough time for it…
    and if you find something about it (even some pieces of informations), don’t hesitate to drop me a line, I’ll try to get into it.

  5. christophe


  6. naruto7

    what files in the source code do i need to edit to change the text throw out the entire 3d matrix also how do i open the source files because im using visual basics 2005 and its not opening them and im on a windows xp

  7. Have a look yourself dude
    and it can be opened with Visual Basic 6.

  8. naruto7

    ya i figured that out i just renames the extenchion to .cs then it would open but do you have an english version of the sorce files that i can use instead of the french version

  9. Thanks for posting this, I love the Matrix! This screen saver rocks!!

  10. edem

    You pro!!!!

  11. daniel

    Search dx8vb.dll on Google download then run command prompt as an administrator (right click Command Prompt’ and choose run as administrator. then type regsvr32 dx8vb.dll after going to the directory with the dll

  12. sameer

    its amazing thanks for putting it up online:)

  13. Uwe Seelmann

    Hello Thomas

    can you do me a favour. I search for the c++ code part that you have programmed only for the single letters are falling down. Is it possible that you send me the part of the code. It is only for kicking my thoughts. I think my mind is a little blocked. At the moment I be a student at a vocaitional college in germany and we must learn c++ I had never before programmed in c++ so I need some help.

    Thanks in advance


  14. Hello Uwe
    thanks for your interest, unfortunately you’ll have to dig into that yourself as I don’t have time for it

  15. Robert

    Hello, how do I get it to view as wallpaper and not going full screen and hiding everything else, like taskbar and whatnot?

  16. me

    Man Visual Basic 6.0 is fire ! No degree of comparison with other programming languages, VB6 is the best !

  17. Hello
    I don’t know how to do that, it’s been a long time since I wrote this thing… 🙂

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