Chess on internet (Visual Basic + Flash)

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Chess game written in Flash (for the interface) and Visual Basic (for the network layer).
It connects on a chess server (like chessanytime) and allows you to play against another player.

UI is really simple but you can play and chat with your opponent.

The interesting part of this code is in the parsing of the commands coming from the server. The protocol used is commonly seen on the internet for online chess games. The parsing is not perfect but works…
The server it connects automatically to is not free anymore but you still can play as a guest.

Sources of both Visual Basic and Flash files are included. The source will not be updated anymore.


Download source code and files : Source code for Chess on internet (Visual Basic + Flash)

(A french version of this post can be found on this blog)

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  1. drew hollinberger

    Hi i’d been flirting with the idea of starting a similar project. I tried to open the project in visual basic 2008, but when it began converting it told me that frm1.frx was missing. Any ideas? Any ways in case i cant compile easily could you email me the finished programs id love to try your program out.

  2. admin

    it’s been a really long time since I released this program. Unfortunately I don’t have the sources on this computer anymore.
    But you can have a look at :

    it’s in french but the archive there is the first one I released.

    Hope it works.

  3. Hi,

    Its really nice to play game in Flash which is connected with the server. Multiplayer facility is also included with this. I really enjoyed it.


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